Food Waste,

How can you stop from wasting food? Well you would always have to check the expired date on the package is the 7/6/20 and you brought the item on the 5/6/20 and now it’s the 7/6/20 and you haven’t even touched or used the food item yet then that means you have been wasting food.

What do you do when you have left over food and you don’t want to eat anymore? Well there are a lot of options for you to not waste food, you can give it to a friend so they can eat it as well so you’ll package it up, clean it can give it to a friend. Also another way is to plant your food so you can grow a vegetable patch for example it’s cucumber and you have left over then you can put it in a patch of dirt and grow some more.

So i hope you have learnt something about how to not waste food.



Country of focus: week 6


2. Asia is the continent of Cambodia

3. Phnom Penh is the capital city of Cambodia

4. Cambodia is located in the northern hemisphere

5. Khmer is Cambodia national language

6. Cambodian riel is the currency of Cambodia

7. Australia has a program with Cambodia in 1952

8. Angkor Wat is the main reason tourist flock in the numbers of Cambodia

9. Vietnam-Eastern, Laos-Northeast, Thailand-Southwest


Once there was a girl called Elenor, she had Blonde hair and Green eyes. She was magical she had powers. Her powers were to change the weather. The ONLY time she could change the weather was every fortnight, not she could change the weather, but she could change the weather, but she could change the speed and how hot or cold it is.


It was February 17th a fortnight week and the previous week was hot, and she was thinking of either the weather to be snowy or windy, so in the end she decided to choose SNOWY as the weather for 2 weeks until the next fortnight.


The next day it was snowy because she chose but after a while she regretted her decision why you may ask it started to get really cold and chilli “I wish I just stuck with the hot weather” She said, Wondering why she wants hot weather because she realize she likes hot weather more than cold, the reason why she wants cold weather is she just wanted to change once in a while but she thought I can’t change until like 2 weeks so it fine, that’s Elenor powerful girl.